G├Âttingen Info

Details and Itinerary


Day 1 – Monday 14th January
1:10-16:10 plane, arrive in Hamburg (Bremen Airport, travel to Hamburg if you’re with Ryanair).
Check in at St. Pauli Backpackers hostel.
Mixer and games in the hostel.

Day 2 – Tuesday
G├Âttingen day trip!
If you booked the train with us, 10:00 departure. Otherwise, make your own way there for about 12/12.30. If we’re not in station, meet at mathematics institute and museum – here. While we’re in G├Âttingen, we’ll receive a guided tour of the collection of Mathematical models and instruments of the university of G├Âttingen, visit the grave of Carl Friedrich Gauss, and get some food.
The train returns at 18:55.

When we get back to Hamburg, we’ll have a night out if people want it!

Day 3 – Wednesday
A self guided tour of the many scientific and mathematical museums of Hamburg University, time to explore Hamburg and visit places of your choice.

Day 4 – Thursday 17th January

Check out of hostel, visit some more museums, travel back at 16:35 to Dublin!