Göttingen Info

Details and Itinerary


Day 1 – Monday 14th January
1:10-16:10 plane, arrive in Hamburg (Bremen Airport, travel to Hamburg if you’re with Ryanair).
Check in at St. Pauli Backpackers hostel.
Mixer and games in the hostel.

Day 2 – Tuesday
Göttingen day trip!
If you booked the train with us, 10:00 departure. Otherwise, make your own way there for about 12/12.30. If we’re not in station, meet at mathematics institute and museum – here. While we’re in Göttingen, we’ll receive a guided tour of the collection of Mathematical models and instruments of the university of Göttingen, visit the grave of Carl Friedrich Gauss, and get some food.
The train returns at 18:55.

When we get back to Hamburg, we’ll have a night out if people want it!

Day 3 – Wednesday
A self guided tour of the many scientific and mathematical museums of Hamburg University, time to explore Hamburg and visit places of your choice.

Day 4 – Thursday 17th January

Check out of hostel, visit some more museums, travel back at 16:35 to Dublin!