Past Committees

Our long history of leadership.

Previous Sessions

We have many notable past members. You can check all of them out, all the way back to our foundation by Walton in 1923.

97th Session: 2019-20
Auditor: Liam Kavanagh
Secretary: Kathryn Mooney
Treasurer: Ryan Bell
PRO: Nina Chen
Librarian: Nathan Magee
Quizmaster: Mark Heavey
Sophister Rep: Katie O’Connor
Sophister Rep: Ultan Doherty
2nd Year Rep: Philip Kruger
1st Year Rep: N/A
Webmaster: Niall Griffin

96th Session: 2018-19
Auditor: Conor Kelleher -> Luke Gayer
Secretary: Caelen Feller
Treasurer: Luke Gayer -> Nathan Magee
PRO: Padraig Sheehy
Librarian: John Francis Ryan-Purcell
Quizmaster: Cillian Doherty
Sophister Rep: Daniel Mulcathy
Sophister Rep: Nathan Magee -> Katie O’Connor
2nd Year Rep: Kathryn Mooney
1st Year Rep: Nina Chen
Webmaster: Liam Kavanagh

95th Session: 2017-18
Auditor: Conor Kelleher
Secretary: Oisín Flynn-Connolly
Treasurer: Nathan Magee
PRO: Ogden Deacon
Librarian: John Francis Ryan-Purcell
Quizmaster: Katie O’Connor
Sophister Rep: Daniel Mulcathy
Sophister Rep: Luke Gayer
2nd Year Rep: Kushal Doddakula
1st Year Rep: James Kirwan
Webmaster: Caelen Feller

94th Session: 2016-17
Auditor: Alexandra McDonnell -> Killian Walshe
Secretary: Hannah Shortle
Treasurer: Conn McCarthy
PRO: Ogden Deacon -> Caelen Feller
Librarian: Aoife Nolan -> Brian Tyrrell
Quizmaster: Oisín Flynn-Connolly
General Officers: Caelen Feller -> Conor Kelleher
General Officer: Nathan Magee
General Officer: Sunny McDonagh
General Officer: Dermot Cox
Webmaster: Killian Walshe -> Kushal Doddakula

93rd Session: 2015-16
Auditor: Conn McCarthy
Secretary: Darren Rice
Treasurer: Gavan Keane
PRO: Dan Fitzpatrick -> Ogden Deacon
Librarian: Sam Walsh
Quizmaster: Adam Keilty
General Officers: Alexandra McDonell
General Officer: Ciaran Bruton
General Officer: Aoife Nolan
General Officer: David Farrelly
Ex-Auditor: Eamonn O’Shea (Sch.)

92nd Session: 2014-15
Auditor: Eamonn O’Shea (Sch.)
Secretary: Mark Allen
Treasurer: Chris Kervick (Sch.)
PRO: Conn McCarthy
Librarian: Sinéad Kelleher
Quizmaster: Padraig Condon (Sch.)
General Officers: Nikki Truss
General Officer: Conor McMeel
General Officer: Andrew Shaw
General Officer: Sam Walsh
Ex-Auditor: Aoibheann Brady

91st Session (2013-2014)
Auditor : Aoibheann Brady
Secretary: Anna Lawless
Treasurer: Eric Hattaway
PRO: Caoimhín Laoide-Kemp
Librarian: Nikki Truss
Quizmaster: Padraig Condon (Sch.)
General Officers: Sinéad Kelleher
General Officer: Sam Walsh
General Officer: Eamonn O’Shea
Ex-Auditor : Emma Howard

90th Session (2012-2013)
Auditor: Emma Howard
Treasurer: Stephen Allen
Secretary: Aoibheann Brady
PRO: Gavin Cheung (Sch.)
Librarian: Nikki Truss
Quizmaster: Gavin Kirwan
4th year rep: Louise Spellacy
3rd year rep: Cian Ó Condúin
2nd year rep: Eric Hattaway
Ex-auditor: Glenn Moynihan (Sch.)

89th Session (2011-2012)
Auditor: Glenn Moynihan (Sch.)
Treasurer: Máire Lawlor
Secretary: Anastasia Ignateva
PRO: Fionn Malone
Librarian: Emma Howard
Quizmaster: Eoin Murphy (Sch.)
4th year rep: Aisling Kirwan
3rd year rep: Stephen Allen
2nd year rep: Martin Moran
1st year rep: Conor Parle
Ex-Auditor: Anastasia Ignateva

88th Session (2010-2011)
Auditor: Anastasia Ignateva
Treasurer: Glenn Moynihan
Secretary: Cathal Ormond (Sch.)
PRO: Stephanie Hyland (Sch.,T)
Librarian: Adam Jennings
Quizmaster: Eoin Murphy (Sch.) -> Emma Howard
4th year rep: Rebecca Kelly
3rd year rep: Cian Booth
2rd year rep: Deborah Leahy
1st year rep: Colm Vize
Ex-Auditor: Cathal Ormond (Sch.)

87th Session: 2009-10
Auditor: Mark Bolger -> Cathal Ormond
Secretary: Chris Blair (Sch., T)
Treasurer: Siobhan Grayson
PRO: Padraig O’Conbhui
Librarian: Shane Duane
Quizmaster: Joshua Tobin (Sch., T) (resigned)
General Officers: Joe Moore -> Peter Dawson
General Officer: Cathal Ormond -> Dean McCarthy
General Officer: Alison Walsh -> Anastasia Ignateva
General Officer: Glenn Moynihan
Ex-Auditor: Mark Bolger -> Mark Bolger

86th Session: 2008-09
Auditor: Mark Bolger
Secretary: Liam Crowley-Reidy
Treasurer: Eadaoin McClean
PRO: Tim Harris (Sch.)
Librarian: Rachel O’Byrne
Quizmaster: Joshua Tobin (resigned)
General Officer: Helen Leen
General Officer: Chris Blair (Sch., T)
General Officer: Richard Walsh->Catherine O’Driscoll
General Officer: Siobhan Grayson
Ex-Auditor: Rachel O’Byrne

85th Session: 2007-08
Auditor: Jason Jensen -> Rachel O’Byrne
Secretary: Gavin Beatty -> Chris Blair
Treasurer: David Leen (Sch.)
PRO: Sinéad Griffin
Librarian: John Kearney
Amenities: Richard Crockford
Webmaster: William ffrench-O’Carroll
Quizmaster: Séamus O’Boyle (Sch.) -> Cathal Cooney
General Officer: Helen Leen
General Officer: Eadaoin McClean
General Officer: Rachel O’Byrne -> Mark Bolger
General Officer: Jessica Stanley
Ex-Auditor: David Leen (Sch.) & Jason Jensen

84th Session: 2006-07
Auditor: David Leen (Sch.)
Secretary: Gavin Beatty
Treasurer: Jason Jensen
PRO: Jessica Stanley
Librarian: Cathal Cooney (Sch.)
Amenities: Jack Clingan
Webmaster: Alan Richardson
Quizmaster: Séamus O’Boyle (Sch.)
Intervarsities: Sinéad Griffin
General Officer: David Hayes
General Officer: James Gillespie
General Officer: James Mac Hale
Ex-Auditor: Howard Thom (Sch.)

83rd Session: 2005-06
Auditor: Howard Thom (Sch.)
Secretary: Colm Bates
Treasurer: Jason Jensen
Librarian: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)
PRO: David Leen
Amenities: Tim Nagle
Quizmaster: Eoin Long (Sch.)
Webmaster: Christian de Chenu
General Officer: Matt Dolan
General Officer: David Ding
General Officer: Nicola Hughes (Sch.)
Ex-Auditor: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)

82nd Session: 2004-05
Auditor: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)
Secretary: Matthew Dolan
Treasurer: Timothy Bowen
Librarian: Christian de Chenu
PRO: Joseph Morton
Amenities: Colm Bates
Quizmaster: Eoin Long (Sch.)
Webmistress:Eimear Ni Dhuinn
Ex-Auditor: Stephen Lavelle

81st Session: 2003-04
Auditor: Stephen Lavelle
Secretary: Matthew Dolan
Treasurer: Christian de Chenu
Librarian: Suzanne McEndoo
PRO: Joseph Morton
Ex-Auditor:Jim O’Rourke
Ameneties: Timothy Bowen

80th Session: 2002-03
Auditor: Jim O’Rourke
Secretary: David Conlon
Treasurer: Gillan Higgins
Librarian: Rob Lee
PRO: Al Matthews
Ex-Auditor:Don Moynihan

79th Session: 2001-02
Auditor: Don Moynihan
Secretary: Eimear Kelly
Treasurer: Lin Ali
Librarian: David Conlon
PRO: Jim O’Rourke
Ex-Auditor:Karl Henegan

78th Session:

Auditor: Eoin McNulty-Goodwin -> Karl Henegan
Secretary: Gillian Higgins
Treasurer: Don Moynihan
Librarian: Niall Brady
PRO: Kevin Moroney
Ex-Auditor:Kevin Byrne
Ents: Terry Connolly

77th Session: 1999-2000
Auditor: Kevin Byrne
Secretary: John Paul Colgan
Treasurer: Donal McAuliffe
Librarian: Donal O’Connell
PRO: Haslin Ali
Ex-Auditor:Dermot Frost

76th Session: 1998-99
Auditor: Dermot Frost
Secretary: Carmel Murphy
Treasurer: Kevin Byrne
Librarian: Owen O’Byrne
PRO: Karl Heneghan

75th Session: 1997-98
Auditor: Philip Boyle
Secretary: Deirdre Shelds
Treasurer: James Delaney
Librarian: Alan Keegan
Ex-Auditor:Karl Stanley

74th Session: 1996-97
Auditor: Karl Stanley
Secretary: Katherine MacGrath
Treasurer: Philip Boyle
Librarian: Tom O’Brien
PRO: Eoin Lawless
Ex-Auditor:Samantha Pollard

73rd Session: 1995-96
Auditor: Samantha Pollard
Secretary: Eoin Lawless
Treasurer: Philip Boyle
Librarian: Alex French -> Dermot Frost
PRO: Duncan Healy
Ex-Auditor:Cathal Walsh

72nd Session: 1994-95
Auditor: Cathal Walsh
Secretary: Samantha Pollard
Treasurer: Eoin Cronan -> Colman Reilly
Librarian: Ross Chandler
PRO: Simon Boyle -> Karl Stanley
Ex-Auditor:James Casey

71st Session: 1993-94
Auditor: James Casey
Secretary: Clare Dillon
Treasurer: Eoin Cronan
Librarian: Colman Reilly
PRO: Gillian Graham
Ex-Auditor: Keith Brady

70th Session: 1992-93
Auditor: Keith Brady
Secretary: Katherine Mayes -> James Casey
Treasurer: Michael Lunny
Librarian: Duncan Foster
PRO: Andrew Farrell
Ex-Auditor: Conrad Hughes

69th Session: 1991-92
Auditor: Conrad Hughes
Secretary: Paul Callan
Treasurer: Raymond Russell
Librarian: Derek Bell
PRO: Michael Lunny

68th Session: 1990-91
Auditor: Colman Reilly
Secretary: Conrad Hughes
Treasurer: Cathal Creedon
Librarian: Kenneth Power -> Brian Henderson -> Derek Bell
PRO: Keith Brady

67th Session: 1989-90
[Note: new position of PRO added to committee this year]
Auditor: Brian Kearns
Secretary: Macartan Cassidy -> Colman Reilly
Treasurer: John Gaffey
Librarian: Brian Henderson
PRO: Colman Reilly

66th Session: 1988-89
Auditor: Brian Kearns
Secretary: Michael Rogers -> Colman Reilly
Treasurer: Aaron Golden
Librarian: Paul Higgins

65th Session: 1987-88
Auditor: Lucie Sealy
Secretary: Martin Dillon
Treasurer: Graham Wills
Librarian: Derek McLoughlin

64th Session: 1986-87

63rd Session: 1985-86

62nd Session: 1984-85

61st Session: 1983-84
Auditor: Nial Ferguson
Secretary: J. McCarthy
Treasurer: C. Ingram
Librarian: Ms. A. Dockrell

60th Session: 1982-83
Auditor: James Moran
Secretary: Michael Gallen
Treasurer: Peter McGeough
Librarian: Niall Ferguson

59th Session: 1981-82
Auditor: D. Murray
Secretary: Peter Craig
Treasurer: P.Clarke
Librarian: A. Sexton

58th Session:

Auditor: Myles Toomey
Secretary: Peter Craig
Treasurer: Peregrine Clarke
Librarian: Alan Sexton

57th Session: 1979-80
Auditor: Alan Hegarty
Secretary: Dermot Duffy
Treasurer: Myles Toomey
Librarian: Helen Norris

56th Session: 1978-79
Auditor: Geoffrey Reeves
Secretary: S. C. Kenyon
Treasurer: J. H. W. West
Librarian: Adrian Meagher -> Myles Toomey

55th Session: 1977-78
Auditor: Avril Reynolds
Secretary: Enda Murphy
Treasurer: Alan Hegarty
Librarian: Geoffrey Reeves

54th Session: 1976-77
Auditor: Maurice O’Reilly
Secretary: Annie Patton
Treasurer: Avril Reynolds
Librarian: Alf Duggan

53rd Session: 1975-76
Auditor: David A.O. Barry
Secretary: Patricia Flinn
Treasurer: Marian Palmer
Librarian: Maurice O’Reilly

52nd Session: 1974-75
Auditor: Neil Jeffares
Secretary: L. O’C Drury
Treasurer: C.D. Baker
Librarian: R.E.W. Smythe

51st Session: 1973-74
Auditor: Raymond A. Ryan
Secretary: Paul Barry
Treasurer: Paul A. Farrell
Librarian: Colm O’Dunlaing

50th Session: 1972-73
Auditor: Paul A. Farrell
Secretary: Raymond A. Ryan
Treasurer: Philip Robinson
Librarian: Neil Jeffares

49th Session: 1971-72
Auditor: David McQuillan (Sch.)
Secretary: John Norman
Treasurer: David Reynolds
Librarian: Raymond Ryan

48th Session: 1970-71
Auditor: J. McFerran
Secretary: D.P. McQuillan
Treasurer: F.Bannister
Librarian: M. Lennon

47th Session: 1969-70
Auditor: Charles Nash
Secretary: E.P. Murphy
Treasurer: Miss J.H. Johnston
Librarian: D.P. McQuillan

46th Session: 1968-69
Auditor: G.M. Saunders
Secretary: Charles Nash
Treasurer: Miss Ni Eigeartaigh
Librarian: Miss Johnston

45th Session: 1967-68
Auditor: J.B. Toner
Secretary: M.K.Crowe
Treasurer: R.S. Cook
Librarian: G.M. Saunders

44th Session: 1966-67
Auditor: J.K. Debenham
Secretary: D.P. Kennedy
Treasurer: Miss Huang
Librarian: R.S. Cook

43rd Session: 1965-66
Auditor: R.H. Jones (Sch.)
Secretary: J.K. Debenham
Treasurer: D.P. Kennedy
Librarian: M. Armstrong (Sch.)

42nd Session: 1964-65
Auditor: D.J. Williams (Sch.)
Secretary: Miss E. Oldham (Sch.)
Treasurer: M. Armstong (Sch.)
Librarian: R.H. Jones (Sch.)

41st Session: 1963-64
Auditor: D.S. Cochran (Sch.)
Secretary: J.J. Gilbert
Treasurer: Miss E. Oldham (Sch.)
Librarian: F.C. House

40th Session: 1962-63
Auditor: C.L. Thompson
Secretary: F.C. House
Treasurer: D.S. Cochran
Librarian: P.D. Ritchie

39th Session: 1961-62
Auditor: R.H. Keppler
Secretary: C.L. Thompson
Treasurer: C.M. Walmsley
Librarian: J.J. Gilbert

38th Session:

Auditor: A.R.L. Beck -> J.J.H. Miller (Sch.)
Secretary: R.V. Wood (Sch.)
Treasurer: G.A.C. Graham (Sch.)
Librarian: R.H. Keppler

37th Session: 1959-60
Auditor: Trevor West (Sch.)
Secretary: A.R.L. Beck
Treasurer: R.V. Wood
Librarian: M.D. Robinson

36th Session: 1958-59
Auditor: R.E. Harte (Sch.)
Secretary: Trevor West (Sch.)
Treasurer: A.R.L. Beck
Librarian: I.S. Glass

35th Session: 1957-58
Auditor: T.D. Spearman (Sch.)
Secretary: J.A. Lutton
Treasurer: R.E. Harte
Librarian: Trevor West

34th Session: 1956-57
Auditor: L. Lovitch (Sch.)
Secretary: T.D. Spearman
Treasurer: A. Solomon
Librarian: A.G. Lucas

33rd Session: 1955-56
Auditor: P.A. Olagunju (Sch.)
Secretary: C.C. Walker
Treasurer: L.Lovitch (Sch.)
Librarian: T.D. Spearman

32nd Session: 1954-55
Auditor: David Simms (Sch.)
Secretary: G. Clarke
Treasurer: R.W.A. Fenerstak (Sch.)
Librarian: P.A. Olagunju

31st Session: 1953-54
Auditor: C.J. Cooke (Sch.)
Secretary: J.V.P. Bond
Treasurer: David Simms (Sch.)
Librarian: R.W.A. Fenerstak (Sch.)

30th Session: 1952-53
Auditor: J.W. Flegg
Secretary: C.J. Cooke
Treasurer: P.Reynolds
Librarian: David Simms (Sch.)

29th Session: 1951-52
Auditor: Mr. Franklin (Sch.)
Secretary: A.S. Baird (Sch.)
Treasurer: J.W. Flegg
Librarian: Mr. Miller

28th Session: 1950-51
Auditor: B.H. Murdoch (Sch.)
Secretary: A.N. Argue (Sch.)
Treasurer: J.F. Knaggs (Sch.)
Librarian: A.S. Baird (Sch.)

27th Session: 1949-50
Auditor: B.H. Murdoch (Sch.)
Secretary: A.N. Argue (Sch.)
Treasurer: J.F. Knaggs (Sch.)
Librarian: A.S. Baird (Sch.)

26th Session: 1948-49
Auditor: R.F. Kyle (Sch.)
Secretary: W.M. Gorman (Sch.)
Treasurer: T.E. Stringer (Sch.)
Librarian: A.N. Argue (Sch.)

25th Session: 1947-48
Auditor: G.H.F. Gardner (Sch.)
Secretary: Miss E.R. Wills
Treasurer: J.E. Stringer (Sch.)
Librarian: R.F. Kyle (Sch.)

24th Session: 1946-47
Auditor: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)
Secretary: Miss J. Williams
Treasurer: J.E. Stringer (Sch.)
Librarian: R.B. Elliott (Sch.)

23rd Session: 1945-46
Auditor: R.P. Willis (Sch.)
Secretary: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)
Treasurer: Miss J. Williams
Librarian: R.B. Elliott (Sch.)

22nd Session: 1944-45
Auditor: F.H. Mann (Sch.)
Secretary: R.P. Willis (Sch.)
Treasurer: T.M. Boland
Librarian: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)

21st Session: 1943-44
Auditor: A. Agnew
Secretary: C.M. Nevill
Treasurer: W.J.L. Ryan
Librarian: E.J. Medlicott

20th Session: 1942-43
Auditor: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)
Secretary: M.I. Boland
Treasurer: E.J. Medlicott
Librarian: A. Agnew

19th Session: 1941-42
Auditor: R.J. Monaghan (Sch.)
Secretary: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)
Treasurer: M.I. Boland
Librarian: W.F.S. Carrick

18th Session:

Auditor: E.L. Stringer (Sch.)
Secretary: R.J. Monaghan
Treasurer: W.J.S. Carrick
Librarian: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)

17th Session: 1939-40
Auditor: N.O. Dobbs (Sch.)
Secretary: D.D. Bell -> E.L. Stringer (Sch.)
Treasurer: E.L. Stringer (Sch.) -> R.J. Monaghan
Librarian: Miss B.G. Yates

16th Session: 1938-39
Auditor: J.G. Yates (Sch.)
Secretary: H.F. Sanahan (Sch.)
Treasurer: D.D. Bell
Librarian: R.R. Boland

15th Session: 1937-38
Auditor: D.P. Huddle (Sch.)
Secretary: J.S. Treanor (Sch.)
Treasurer: E.F. Grant (Sch.)
Librarian: Miss M.B. McNicol (Sch.)

14th Session: 1936-37
Auditor: R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)
Secretary: D.P. Huddle (Sch.)
Treasurer: J.S. Treanor (Sch.)
Librarian: J.G. Yates (Sch.)

13th Session: 1935-36
Auditor: J.A. Walmsley (Sch.) -> S.A. Scott (Sch.)
Secretary: S.A. Scott (Sch.) -> R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)
Treasurer: V.W. Graham (Sch.)
Librarian: B. Spain (Sch.)

12th Session: 1934-35
Auditor: T. Cowan (Sch.) -> E.J.J. Furlong (Sch.)
Secretary: J.A. Walmsley (Sch.)
Treasurer: R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)
Librarian: H.Gough (Sch.)

11th Session: 1933-34

10th Session: 1932-33

9th Session: 1931-32

8th Session: 1930-31
Auditor: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)
Secretary: J.D. Wisdom
Treasurer: J.D. Wisdom
Librarian: W.G. Van Stockum

7th Session: 1929-30
Auditor: H.G. Yates (Sch.)
Secretary: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)
Treasurer: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)
Librarian: E.D. Canicer

6th Session: 1928-29
Auditor: G. Woods (Sch.)
Secretary: H.G. Yates (Sch.)
Treasurer: H.G. Yates (Sch.)
Librarian: W.G.R. Loughery

5th Session: 1927-28
Auditor: M. Temple (Sch.)
Secretary: G. Woods (Sch.)
Treasurer: G. Woods (Sch.)
Librarian: H.G. Yates (Sch.)

4th Session: 1926-27
Auditor: Ernest Walton
Secretary: M. Temple (Sch.)
Treasurer: M. Temple (Sch.)
Librarian: A.R. Ennis

3rd Session: 1925-26
Auditor: J.F.G. Troughton (Sch.)
Secretary: Ernest Walton
Treasurer: Ernest Walton
Librarian: T.S. Atkinson (Sch.)
Ex-Auditor:W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)

2nd Session: 1924-25
Auditor: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)
Secretary: A.J. McConnell (Sch.)
Treasurer: A.J. McConnell (Sch.)
Librarian: R.E.D. Brown (Sch.)
Ex-Auditor:A.E. North

1st Session: 1923-24
Auditor: A.E. North
Secretary: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)
Treasurer: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)
Librarian: E.P. West

Council Members: Messrs. W. Erritt (Sch.), E.T.S. Walton, A.J.