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41.Statistical Theory
B. W. Lindgreen
Call Number: 6201.09
42.Principles of Statistics
M. G. Bulmer
Call Number: 6201.1
43.Forecasting:Methods and Applications
S. Makridakis, S.C. Wheelwright, R.J. Hyndman
Call Number: 6207.04
44.An Introduction to Text Processing Systems
J. J. H. Miller
Call Number: 6806.01
45.Vibrations and Waves in Physics
I.G. Main
Call Number: 7001.24
46.Solid State Physics
J.R. Hall, H.E. Hall
Call Number: 7401.01
47.Mechanics and Hydrostatics for Beginners
S. L. Loney
Call Number: 7603.01
48.Quantum Mechanics, Volume 1
A. Messiah
Call Number: 8101.02
49.Introduction to Elementary Particles
D. Griffiths
Call Number: 8101.16
50.Condensed Matter Physics
A. Isihara
Call Number: 8200.01
51.Gases, Liquids, and Solids
D. Tabor
Call Number: 8201.02
53.Statistical Mechanics
K. Huang
Call Number: 8201.09
54.Talking About Relativity
J. L. Synge
Call Number: 8301.09
C.W. Misner, K.S. Thorne, J.A. Wheeler
Call Number: 8301.18
56.Introducing Einstein's Relativity
R. D'Inverno
Call Number: 8301.19
57.Elements of Astronomy
J. B. Stubbs
Call Number: 8503.01
58.The Figure of the Earth
J. H. Pratt
Call Number: 8601.01
59.A Compendium of CUPM Recommendations, Volume I
Mathematical Association of America
Call Number: 9700.01
60.A Compendium of CUPM Recommendations, Volume II
Mathematical Association of America
Call Number: 9700.02
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