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21.An Introduction to Harmonic Analysis
L. H. Loomis
Call Number: 4301.01
22.Functional Analysis
F. Riesz, B. SzNagy
Call Number: 4601.02
23.A Course in Functional Analysis
J.B. Conway
Call Number: 4601.05
24.A Treatise on Elementary Geometry
J. Casey
Call Number: 5103.01
26.Probability: Theory and Examples
R. Durrett
Call Number: 6001.03
28.Introduction to Mathematical Probability
J. V. Uspensky
Call Number: 6001.05
29.An Elementary Introduction to the Theory of Probability
B. V. Gnedenko, A. Y. Khinchin
Call Number: 6001.06
30.The Mathematical Theory of Probabilities
A. Fisher
Call Number: 6001.07
31.Probability and Measure
P. Billingsley
Call Number: 6001.08
32.Foundations of Modern Probability
O. Kallenberg
Call Number: 6001.09
33.Probability: An Introduction
G. Grimmett, D. Welsh
Call Number: 6001.11
34.Mathematical Methods of Statistics
H. Cramer
Call Number: 6201.02
35.Elementary Statistical Methods
G. Barrie Wetherill
Call Number: 6201.03
36.Introduction to the Theory of Statistics
A. M. Mood, F. A. Graybill, D. C. Boes
Call Number: 6201.04
37.Statistics Without Tears
D. Rowntree
Call Number: 6201.05
38.Practical Nonparametric Statistics
W. J. Conover
Call Number: 6201.06
39.Elements of Statistics
A. L. Bowley
Call Number: 6201.07
40.The Advanced Theory of Statistics, Volume 3
M. G. Kendall, A. Stuart
Call Number: 6201.08
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