Boom, we have an estimathon for Fourth week. Join us as we solve a while bunch of Fermi problems, and having a jolly ole time. Spot prizes, refreshments, we’ve got it all. (You can bring your own too if you want). Free entry and all that jazz.

Teams of 4 will attempt to answer various questions using just estimates, a calculator, and thinking outside the box. The questions will be of a type called ‘Fermi Questions’, which are seemingly hard questions (eg. How many windows are there in Co. Dublin?) that become easier as you start making estimates. See:

The questions will be accessible to all, and will require no prior knowledge of any complicated maths or physics, just the ability to make some estimates!

There will also be some carnival style questions such as ‘How many jellybeans are in this jar?’, ‘How much do these doughnuts weight?’, and ‘How much liquid does this cup hold?’, and the closest estimate will win the item.
Top teams will be rewarded for their estimation skills, but we’ve got bonus prizes too!