This week, we’ll be hosting a talk by Professor Elizabeth Oldham on “Curriculum Change in mathematics in Ireland: Project Maths in National and International Context”. Students who came through the Irish education system recently have experienced “Project
Maths,” the major curriculum initiative that started in 2008. If you’re interested in mathematics education, this will be a fairly comprehensive look at the state of the subject and the results of the initiative.

For most, the first full cycle of implementation is being completed only this year. This makes evaluation of the initiative difficult, but an understanding of the rationale, development and likely outcomes can be enhanced by looking at both national and international contexts within which the project was framed.

The international context includes trends in mathematics education as reflected in cross-national studies of curriculum and/or assessment (such as TIMSS and PISA).
The national context involves comparison with previous curricula, in particular with an initiative introducing “modern maths” in the 1960s and 1970s and the possibilities of repeating earlier mistakes.

As always, make sure to attend the reception in the MathSoc room afterwards!