DU Mathsoc AGM 2021

The DU Mathsoc Annual General Meeting of the 98th Session, 2020-2021 will be held on Wednesday, 21st April at 6:00pm via Zoom. The link can be found here.

This meeting has now concluded and minutes can be found here.


The full Agenda can be found here.


Minutes of the EGM held on 14th October 2020 can be found here.

These minutes will be read, any amendments taken, and then accepted at the beginning of the meeting.


Reports from the Executive Officers will be read. These reports can be found below.

Auditor’s ReportTreasurer’s ReportSecretary’s Report


Elections to the Committee for the upcoming 99th Session (2021-22) will be held.

Nominations are now closed and the full list of candidates can be found on the Candidates Page.

The elections will be held in order of seniority, beginning with the Auditor and ending with the Senior Fresh Representative. Should a candidate be elected to a position, they will be removed from consideration for all subsequent elections.

Elections will be carried out by way of the Single Transferable Vote and voters will be asked to rank candidates in order of preference.

Where there is only a single candidate for an election, voters will be asked whether they want to ratify the candidate with a “Tá / Yes” vote or to reject the candidate and reopen nominations with a “Níl / No” vote.

The positions to be filled and a description of their role are as follows:

Committee PositionRole Description
AuditorThe Auditor is responsible for the general management of Mathsoc and chairs Committee meetings and events. They also act as the face of Mathsoc and represent the society both in and out of the College.
TreasurerThe Treasurer maintains Mathsoc’s accounts and finances. They also prepare an annual financial report for the CSC.
SecretaryThe Secretary is responsible for Mathsoc’s communication, including weekly emails and event notices. They also organise events and Committee meetings, take minutes, and communicate with outside organisations.
LibrarianThe Librarian is in charge of Mathsoc’s extensive Library of over 1,500 books which are available to loan to members. They are also responsible for maintaining the Mathsoc room and help to organise locations for events.
Public Relations OfficerThe PRO is responsible for creating Mathsoc’s high quality print material, such as our weekly event posters. They also manage our social media accounts.
QuizmasterThe Quizmaster organises weekly problem solving where members can practice mathematical problem solving and logical thinking. They also post a Problem of the Week each week for members and organise Mathsoc’s participation in the Intervarsity Mathematics Competition.
WebmasterThe Webmaster maintains and updates the Mathsoc website and keeps track of all of Mathsoc’s online data, ensuring the security and operation of the society’s online presence.
Sophister RepresentativesThe two Sophister Reps act as the bridge between the Mathsoc Committee and our third and fourth year members. They promote our events to their year groups and raise any and all comments and concerns to the Mathsoc Committee at our weekly meetings.
Senior Fresh RepresentativeThe SF Rep acts as the bridge between the Mathsoc Committee and our second year members. They promote our events to their year groups and raise any and all comments and concerns to the Mathsoc Committee at our weekly meetings.


The following motions have been submitted for consideration by the Society, which may be passed by a simple majority vote.

Constitutional amendments, as proposed by the Auditor, can be found below.

List of AmendmentsFull Proposed Text