A little bit about us.

Who we are

The Dublin University Mathematical Society was formed in 1923 by a group of students including Ireland’s only Nobel Prizewinner in Physics, Ernest Walton. The purpose of the Society is to provide events of mathematical interest for its members. As drafted in the original constitution, the object of the Society is the encouragement of the study of mathematics. Take a look at our brochure.

What we do

The modern Mathsoc hosts events weekly. These range from talks by Trinity lecturers, international speakers and students to purely social events. We bring our invited speakers to Commons (Trinity’s traditional evening meal) before their talks, and hold a reception in our Society Room after all talks. The Society’s talks provide an excellent way for students to hear about interesting mathematics they would not normally encounter, as well as to get know people from other years and classes in college.

Where we are

We are located in the School of Mathematics of TCD, in the Hamilton building.

Notable Speakers

We have been fortunate enough to be visited by the likes of Nobel Laureate Gerardus ‘t Hooft of Utretcht University (November 2007), Fields Medalist Efim Zelmanov from the University of California, San Diego (October 2009), and Desmond “Des” Machale, prolific author and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork (November 2014).

Intervarsities, Problem Solving and IMSA

Every week, we host problem solving sessions. We send the best of our problem solvers to the Irish Mathematical Intervarsities, an annual mathematics competition between Ireland’s universities. We are also active participants in the annual Irish Mathematical Students Association (IMSA) conference, which we last hosted in March 2017.


Irish Mathematical Intervarsities
2018 B-team came 1st and A-team came 2nd. We won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best individuals.
2017 A-team came 1st and B-team came 3rd. We won 2nd and 3rd best individuals.
2016 A-team came 1st and B-team came 3rd. We won 1st and 2nd best individuals.
2015 Came 1st in team contest.

International Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria
2008 One bronze medal and three honourable mentions.