Past Committees

Our long history of leadership.

Previous Sessions

<p>We have many notable past members. You can check all of them out, all the way back to our foundation by Walton in 1923.</p>

<strong>95<sup>th</sup> Session: 2017-18</strong><br>
Auditor: Conor Kelleher<br>
Secretary: Oisín Flynn-Connolly<br>
Treasurer: Nathan Magee<br>
PRO: Ogden Deacon<br>
Librarian: John Francis Ryan-Purcell<br>
Quizmaster: Katie O'Connor<br>
Sophister Rep: Daniel Mulcathy<br>
Sophister Rep: Luke Gayer<br>
2nd Year Rep: Kushal Doddakula<br>
1st Year Rep: James Kirwan<br>
Webmaster: Caelen Feller<br>

<strong>94<sup>th</sup> Session: 2016-17</strong><br>
Auditor: Alexandra McDonnell -&gt; Killian Walshe<br>
Secretary: Hannah Shortle<br>
Treasurer: Conn McCarthy<br>
PRO: Ogden Deacon -&gt; Caelen Feller<br>
Librarian: Aoife Nolan -&gt; Brian Tyrrell<br>
Quizmaster: Oisín Flynn-Connolly<br>
General Officers: Caelen Feller -&gt; Conor Kelleher<br>
General Officer: Nathan Magee<br>
General Officer: Sunny McDonagh<br>
General Officer: Dermot Cox<br>
Webmaster: Killian Walshe -&gt; Kushal Doddakula<br>

<strong>93<sup>rd</sup> Session: 2015-16</strong><br>
Auditor: Conn McCarthy<br>
Secretary: Darren Rice<br>
Treasurer: Gavan Keane<br>
PRO: Dan Fitzpatrick -&gt; Ogden Deacon<br>
Librarian: Sam Walsh<br>
Quizmaster: Adam Keilty<br>
General Officers: Alexandra McDonell<br>
General Officer: Ciaran Bruton<br>
General Officer: Aoife Nolan<br>
General Officer: David Farrelly<br>
Ex-Auditor: Eamonn O'Shea (Sch.)<br>
<strong>92<sup>nd</sup> Session: 2014-15</strong><br>
Auditor: Eamonn O'Shea (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Mark Allen<br>
Treasurer: Chris Kervick (Sch.)<br>
PRO: Conn McCarthy<br>
Librarian: Sin&eacute;ad Kelleher<br>
Quizmaster: Padraig Condon (Sch.)<br>
General Officers: Nikki Truss<br>
General Officer: Conor McMeel<br>
General Officer: Andrew Shaw<br>
General Officer: Sam Walsh<br>
Ex-Auditor: Aoibheann Brady<br>
    <strong>91<sup>st</sup> Session (2013-2014)</strong><br>
    Auditor  : Aoibheann Brady<br>
    Secretary: Anna Lawless<br>
Treasurer: Eric Hattaway<br>
PRO: Caoimhín Laoide-Kemp<br>
Librarian: Nikki Truss<br>
Quizmaster: Padraig Condon (Sch.)<br>
General Officers: Sin&eacute;ad Kelleher<br>
General Officer: Sam Walsh<br>
General Officer: Eamonn O'Shea<br>
    Ex-Auditor : Emma Howard<br>
    <strong>90<sup>th</sup> Session (2012-2013)</strong><br>
    Auditor: Emma Howard<br>
    Treasurer: Stephen Allen<br>
    Secretary: Aoibheann Brady<br>
    PRO: Gavin Cheung (Sch.)<br>
    Librarian: Nikki Truss<br>
    Quizmaster: Gavin Kirwan<br>
    4th year rep: Louise Spellacy<br>
    3rd year rep: Cian Ó Condúin<br>
    2nd year rep: Eric Hattaway<br>
    Ex-auditor: Glenn Moynihan (Sch.)<br>
    <strong>89<sup>th</sup> Session (2011-2012)</strong><br>
    Auditor: Glenn Moynihan (Sch.)<br>
    Treasurer: Máire Lawlor<br>
    Secretary: Anastasia Ignateva<br>
    PRO: Fionn Malone<br>
    Librarian: Emma Howard<br>
    Quizmaster: Eoin Murphy (Sch.)<br>
    4th year rep: Aisling Kirwan<br>
    3rd year rep: Stephen Allen<br>
    2nd year rep: Martin Moran<br>
    1st year rep: Conor Parle<br>
    Ex-Auditor: Anastasia Ignateva<br>
    <strong>88<sup>th</sup> Session (2010-2011)</strong><br>
    Auditor: Anastasia Ignateva<br>
    Treasurer: Glenn Moynihan<br>
    Secretary: Cathal Ormond (Sch.)<br>
    PRO: Stephanie Hyland (Sch.,T)<br>
    Librarian: Adam Jennings<br>
    Quizmaster: Eoin Murphy (Sch.) -> Emma Howard<br>
    4th year rep: Rebecca Kelly<br>
    3rd year rep: Cian Booth<br>
    2rd year rep: Deborah Leahy<br>
    1st year rep: Colm Vize<br>
    Ex-Auditor: Cathal Ormond (Sch.)<br>
<strong>87<sup>th</sup> Session: 2009-10</strong><br>
Auditor: Mark Bolger -&gt; Cathal Ormond<br>
Secretary: Chris Blair (Sch., T)<br>
Treasurer: Siobhan Grayson<br>
PRO: Padraig O'Conbhui<br>
Librarian: Shane Duane<br>
Quizmaster: Joshua Tobin (Sch., T) (resigned)<br>
General Officers: Joe Moore -&gt; Peter Dawson<br>
General Officer: Cathal Ormond -&gt; Dean McCarthy<br>
General Officer: Alison Walsh -&gt; Anastasia Ignateva<br>
General Officer: Glenn Moynihan<br>
Ex-Auditor: Mark Bolger -&gt; Mark Bolger<br>
<strong>86<sup>th</sup> Session: 2008-09</strong><br>
Auditor: Mark Bolger<br>
Secretary: Liam Crowley-Reidy<br>
Treasurer: Eadaoin McClean<br>
PRO: Tim Harris (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: Rachel O&#39;Byrne<br>
Quizmaster: Joshua Tobin (resigned)<br>
General Officer: Helen Leen<br>
General Officer: Chris Blair (Sch., T)<br>
General Officer: Richard Walsh-&gt;Catherine O'Driscoll<br>
General Officer: Siobhan Grayson<br>
Ex-Auditor: Rachel O&#39;Byrne<br>
<strong>85<sup>th</sup> Session: 2007-08</strong><br>
Auditor: Jason Jensen -&gt; Rachel O&#39;Byrne<br>
Secretary: Gavin Beatty -&gt; Chris Blair<br>
Treasurer: David Leen (Sch.)<br>
PRO: Sin&eacute;ad Griffin<br>
Librarian: John Kearney<br>
Amenities: Richard Crockford<br>
Webmaster: William ffrench-O&#39;Carroll<br>
Quizmaster: S&eacute;amus O&#39;Boyle (Sch.) -&gt; Cathal Cooney
General Officer: Helen Leen<br>
General Officer: Eadaoin McClean<br>
General Officer: Rachel O&#39;Byrne -&gt; Mark Bolger<br>
General Officer: Jessica Stanley<br>
Ex-Auditor: David Leen (Sch.) &amp; Jason Jensen<br>
<strong>84<sup>th</sup> Session: 2006-07</strong><br>
Auditor: David Leen (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Gavin Beatty<br>
Treasurer: Jason Jensen<br>
PRO: Jessica Stanley<br>
Librarian: Cathal Cooney (Sch.)<br>
Amenities: Jack Clingan<br>
Webmaster: Alan Richardson<br>
Quizmaster: S&eacute;amus O&#39;Boyle (Sch.)<br>
Intervarsities: Sin&eacute;ad Griffin<br>
General Officer: David Hayes<br>
General Officer: James Gillespie<br>
General Officer: James Mac Hale<br>
Ex-Auditor: Howard Thom (Sch.)<br>
<strong>83<sup>rd</sup> Session: 2005-06</strong><br>
Auditor: Howard Thom (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Colm Bates<br>
Treasurer: Jason Jensen<br>
Librarian: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)<br>
PRO: David Leen<br>
Amenities: Tim Nagle<br>
Quizmaster: Eoin Long (Sch.)<br>
Webmaster: Christian de Chenu<br>
General Officer: Matt Dolan<br>
General Officer: David Ding<br>
General Officer: Nicola Hughes (Sch.)<br>
Ex-Auditor: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)<br>
<strong>82<sup>nd</sup> Session: 2004-05</strong><br>
Auditor: Rodger Delehanty (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Matthew Dolan<br>
Treasurer: Timothy Bowen<br>
Librarian: Christian de Chenu<br>
PRO: Joseph Morton<br>
Amenities: Colm Bates<br>
Quizmaster: Eoin Long (Sch.)<br>
Webmistress:Eimear Ni Dhuinn<br>
Ex-Auditor: Stephen Lavelle<br>
<strong>81<sup>st</sup> Session: 2003-04</strong><br>
Auditor: Stephen Lavelle<br>
Secretary: Matthew Dolan<br>
Treasurer: Christian de Chenu<br>
Librarian: Suzanne McEndoo<br>
PRO: Joseph Morton<br>
Ex-Auditor:Jim O&#39;Rourke<br>
Ameneties: Timothy Bowen<br>
<strong>80<sup>th</sup> Session: 2002-03</strong><br>
Auditor: Jim O&#39;Rourke<br>
Secretary: David Conlon<br>
Treasurer: Gillan Higgins<br>
Librarian: Rob Lee<br>
PRO: Al Matthews<br>
Ex-Auditor:Don Moynihan<br>
<strong>79<sup>th</sup> Session: 2001-02</strong><br>
Auditor: Don Moynihan<br>
Secretary: Eimear Kelly<br>
Treasurer: Lin Ali<br>
Librarian: David Conlon<br>
PRO: Jim O&#39;Rourke<br>
Ex-Auditor:Karl Henegan<br>
<a id="2000" name="2000"></a> <strong>78<sup>th</sup> Session:
Auditor: Eoin McNulty-Goodwin -&gt; Karl Henegan<br>
Secretary: Gillian Higgins<br>
Treasurer: Don Moynihan<br>
Librarian: Niall Brady<br>
PRO: Kevin Moroney<br>
Ex-Auditor:Kevin Byrne<br>
Ents: Terry Connolly<br>
<strong>77<sup>th</sup> Session: 1999-2000</strong><br>
Auditor: Kevin Byrne<br>
Secretary: John Paul Colgan<br>
Treasurer: Donal McAuliffe<br>
Librarian: Donal O'Connell<br>
PRO: Haslin Ali<br>
Ex-Auditor:Dermot Frost<br>
<strong>76<sup>th</sup> Session: 1998-99</strong><br>
Auditor: Dermot Frost<br>
Secretary: Carmel Murphy<br>
Treasurer: Kevin Byrne<br>
Librarian: Owen O&#39;Byrne<br>
PRO: Karl Heneghan<br>
<strong>75<sup>th</sup> Session: 1997-98</strong><br>
Auditor: Philip Boyle<br>
Secretary: Deirdre Shelds<br>
Treasurer: James Delaney<br>
Librarian: Alan Keegan<br>
Ex-Auditor:Karl Stanley<br>
<strong>74<sup>th</sup> Session: 1996-97</strong><br>
Auditor: Karl Stanley<br>
Secretary: Katherine MacGrath<br>
Treasurer: Philip Boyle<br>
Librarian: Tom O&#39;Brien<br>
PRO: Eoin Lawless<br>
Ex-Auditor:Samantha Pollard<br>
<strong>73<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1995-96</strong><br>
Auditor: Samantha Pollard<br>
Secretary: Eoin Lawless<br>
Treasurer: Philip Boyle<br>
Librarian: Alex French -&gt; Dermot Frost<br>
PRO: Duncan Healy<br>
Ex-Auditor:Cathal Walsh<br>
<strong>72<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1994-95</strong><br>
Auditor: Cathal Walsh<br>
Secretary: Samantha Pollard<br>
Treasurer: Eoin Cronan -&gt; Colman Reilly<br>
Librarian: Ross Chandler<br>
PRO: Simon Boyle -&gt; Karl Stanley<br>
Ex-Auditor:James Casey<br>
<strong>71<sup>st</sup> Session: 1993-94</strong><br>
Auditor: James Casey<br>
Secretary: Clare Dillon<br>
Treasurer: Eoin Cronan<br>
Librarian: Colman Reilly<br>
PRO: Gillian Graham<br>
Ex-Auditor:Keith Brady<br>
<strong>70<sup>th</sup> Session: 1992-93</strong><br>
Auditor: Keith Brady<br>
Secretary: Katherine Mayes -&gt; James Casey<br>
Treasurer: Michael Lunny<br>
Librarian: Duncan Foster<br>
PRO: Andrew Farrell<br>
Ex-Auditor:Conrad Hughes<br>
<strong>69<sup>th</sup> Session: 1991-92</strong><br>
Auditor: Conrad Hughes<br>
Secretary: Paul Callan<br>
Treasurer: Raymond Russell<br>
Librarian: Derek Bell<br>
PRO: Michael Lunny<br>
<strong>68<sup>th</sup> Session: 1990-91</strong><br>
Auditor: Colman Reilly<br>
Secretary: Conrad Hughes<br>
Treasurer: Cathal Creedon<br>
Librarian: Kenneth Power -&gt; Brian Henderson -&gt; Derek Bell<br>
PRO: Keith Brady<br>
<strong>67<sup>th</sup> Session: 1989-90</strong> [Note: new position
of PRO added to committee this year]<br>
Auditor: Brian Kearns<br>
Secretary: Macartan Cassidy -&gt; Colman Reilly<br>
Treasurer: John Gaffey<br>
Librarian: Brian Henderson<br>
PRO: Colman Reilly<br>
<strong>66<sup>th</sup> Session: 1988-89</strong><br>
Auditor: Brian Kearns<br>
Secretary: Michael Rogers -&gt; Colman Reilly<br>
Treasurer: Aaron Golden<br>
Librarian: Paul Higgins<br>
<strong>65<sup>th</sup> Session: 1987-88</strong><br>
Auditor: Lucie Sealy<br>
Secretary: Martin Dillon<br>
Treasurer: Graham Wills<br>
Librarian: Derek McLoughlin<br>
<strong>64<sup>th</sup> Session: 1986-87</strong><br>
<strong>63<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1985-86</strong><br>
<strong>62<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1984-85</strong><br>
<strong>61<sup>st</sup> Session: 1983-84</strong><br>
Auditor: Nial Ferguson<br>
Secretary: J. McCarthy<br>
Treasurer: C. Ingram<br>
Librarian: Ms. A. Dockrell<br>
<strong>60<sup>th</sup> Session: 1982-83</strong><br>
Auditor: James Moran<br>
Secretary: Michael Gallen<br>
Treasurer: Peter McGeough<br>
Librarian: Niall Ferguson<br>
<strong>59<sup>th</sup> Session: 1981-82</strong><br>
Auditor: D. Murray<br>
Secretary: Peter Craig<br>
Treasurer: P.Clarke<br>
Librarian: A. Sexton<br>
<a id="1980" name="1980"></a> <strong>58<sup>th</sup> Session:
Auditor: Myles Toomey<br>
Secretary: Peter Craig<br>
Treasurer: Peregrine Clarke<br>
Librarian: Alan Sexton<br>
<strong>57<sup>th</sup> Session: 1979-80</strong><br>
Auditor: Alan Hegarty<br>
Secretary: Dermot Duffy<br>
Treasurer: Myles Toomey<br>
Librarian: Helen Norris<br>
<strong>56<sup>th</sup> Session: 1978-79</strong><br>
Auditor: Geoffrey Reeves<br>
Secretary: S. C. Kenyon<br>
Treasurer: J. H. W. West<br>
Librarian: Adrian Meagher -&gt; Myles Toomey<br>
<strong>55<sup>th</sup> Session: 1977-78</strong><br>
Auditor: Avril Reynolds<br>
Secretary: Enda Murphy<br>
Treasurer: Alan Hegarty<br>
Librarian: Geoffrey Reeves<br>
<strong>54<sup>th</sup> Session: 1976-77</strong><br>
Auditor: Maurice O&#39;Reilly<br>
Secretary: Annie Patton<br>
Treasurer: Avril Reynolds<br>
Librarian: Alf Duggan<br>
<strong>53<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1975-76</strong><br>
Auditor: David A.O. Barry<br>
Secretary: Patricia Flinn<br>
Treasurer: Marian Palmer<br>
Librarian: Maurice O&#39;Reilly<br>
<strong>52<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1974-75</strong><br>
Auditor: Neil Jeffares<br>
Secretary: L. O&#39;C Drury<br>
Treasurer: C.D. Baker<br>
Librarian: R.E.W. Smythe<br>
<strong>51<sup>st</sup> Session: 1973-74</strong><br>
Auditor: Raymond A. Ryan<br>
Secretary: Paul Barry<br>
Treasurer: Paul A. Farrell<br>
Librarian: Colm O&#39;Dunlaing<br>
<strong>50<sup>th</sup> Session: 1972-73</strong><br>
Auditor: Paul A. Farrell<br>
Secretary: Raymond A. Ryan<br>
Treasurer: Philip Robinson<br>
Librarian: Neil Jeffares<br>
<strong>49<sup>th</sup> Session: 1971-72</strong><br>
Auditor: David McQuillan (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: John Norman<br>
Treasurer: David Reynolds<br>
Librarian: Raymond Ryan<br>
<strong>48<sup>th</sup> Session: 1970-71</strong><br>
Auditor: J. McFerran<br>
Secretary: D.P. McQuillan<br>
Treasurer: F.Bannister<br>
Librarian: M. Lennon<br>
<strong>47<sup>th</sup> Session: 1969-70</strong><br>
Auditor: Charles Nash<br>
Secretary: E.P. Murphy<br>
Treasurer: Miss J.H. Johnston<br>
Librarian: D.P. McQuillan<br>
<strong>46<sup>th</sup> Session: 1968-69</strong><br>
Auditor: G.M. Saunders<br>
Secretary: Charles Nash<br>
Treasurer: Miss Ni Eigeartaigh<br>
Librarian: Miss Johnston<br>
<strong>45<sup>th</sup> Session: 1967-68</strong><br>
Auditor: J.B. Toner<br>
Secretary: M.K.Crowe<br>
Treasurer: R.S. Cook<br>
Librarian: G.M. Saunders<br>
<strong>44<sup>th</sup> Session: 1966-67</strong><br>
Auditor: J.K. Debenham<br>
Secretary: D.P. Kennedy<br>
Treasurer: Miss Huang<br>
Librarian: R.S. Cook<br>
<strong>43<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1965-66</strong><br>
Auditor: R.H. Jones (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.K. Debenham<br>
Treasurer: D.P. Kennedy<br>
Librarian: M. Armstrong (Sch.)<br>
<strong>42<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1964-65</strong><br>
Auditor: D.J. Williams (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Miss E. Oldham (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: M. Armstong (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.H. Jones (Sch.)<br>
<strong>41<sup>st</sup> Session: 1963-64</strong><br>
Auditor: D.S. Cochran (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.J. Gilbert<br>
Treasurer: Miss E. Oldham (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: F.C. House<br>
<strong>40<sup>th</sup> Session: 1962-63</strong><br>
Auditor: C.L. Thompson<br>
Secretary: F.C. House<br>
Treasurer: D.S. Cochran<br>
Librarian: P.D. Ritchie<br>
<strong>39<sup>th</sup> Session: 1961-62</strong><br>
Auditor: R.H. Keppler<br>
Secretary: C.L. Thompson<br>
Treasurer: C.M. Walmsley<br>
Librarian: J.J. Gilbert<br>
<a id="1960" name="1960"></a> <strong>38<sup>th</sup> Session:
Auditor: A.R.L. Beck -&gt; J.J.H. Miller (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: R.V. Wood (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: G.A.C. Graham (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.H. Keppler<br>
<strong>37<sup>th</sup> Session: 1959-60</strong><br>
Auditor: Trevor West (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: A.R.L. Beck<br>
Treasurer: R.V. Wood<br>
Librarian: M.D. Robinson<br>
<strong>36<sup>th</sup> Session: 1958-59</strong><br>
Auditor: R.E. Harte (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Trevor West (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: A.R.L. Beck<br>
Librarian: I.S. Glass<br>
<strong>35<sup>th</sup> Session: 1957-58</strong><br>
Auditor: T.D. Spearman (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.A. Lutton<br>
Treasurer: R.E. Harte<br>
Librarian: Trevor West<br>
<strong>34<sup>th</sup> Session: 1956-57</strong><br>
Auditor: L. Lovitch (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: T.D. Spearman<br>
Treasurer: A. Solomon<br>
Librarian: A.G. Lucas<br>
<strong>33<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1955-56</strong><br>
Auditor: P.A. Olagunju (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: C.C. Walker<br>
Treasurer: L.Lovitch (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: T.D. Spearman<br>
<strong>32<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1954-55</strong><br>
Auditor: David Simms (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: G. Clarke<br>
Treasurer: R.W.A. Fenerstak (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: P.A. Olagunju<br>
<strong>31<sup>st</sup> Session: 1953-54</strong><br>
Auditor: C.J. Cooke (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.V.P. Bond<br>
Treasurer: David Simms (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.W.A. Fenerstak (Sch.)<br>
<strong>30<sup>th</sup> Session: 1952-53</strong><br>
Auditor: J.W. Flegg<br>
Secretary: C.J. Cooke<br>
Treasurer: P.Reynolds<br>
Librarian: David Simms (Sch.)<br>
<strong>29<sup>th</sup> Session: 1951-52</strong><br>
Auditor: Mr. Franklin (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: A.S. Baird (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: J.W. Flegg<br>
Librarian: Mr. Miller<br>
<strong>28<sup>th</sup> Session: 1950-51</strong><br>
Auditor: B.H. Murdoch (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: A.N. Argue (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: J.F. Knaggs (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: A.S. Baird (Sch.)<br>
<strong>27<sup>th</sup> Session: 1949-50</strong><br>
Auditor: B.H. Murdoch (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: A.N. Argue (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: J.F. Knaggs (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: A.S. Baird (Sch.)<br>
<strong>26<sup>th</sup> Session: 1948-49</strong><br>
Auditor: R.F. Kyle (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: W.M. Gorman (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: T.E. Stringer (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: A.N. Argue (Sch.)<br>
<strong>25<sup>th</sup> Session: 1947-48</strong><br>
Auditor: G.H.F. Gardner (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Miss E.R. Wills<br>
Treasurer: J.E. Stringer (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.F. Kyle (Sch.)<br>
<strong>24<sup>th</sup> Session: 1946-47</strong><br>
Auditor: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Miss J. Williams<br>
Treasurer: J.E. Stringer (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.B. Elliott (Sch.)<br>
<strong>23<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1945-46</strong><br>
Auditor: R.P. Willis (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: Miss J. Williams<br>
Librarian: R.B. Elliott (Sch.)<br>
<strong>22<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1944-45</strong><br>
Auditor: F.H. Mann (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: R.P. Willis (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: T.M. Boland<br>
Librarian: C.F.G. Delaney (Sch.)<br>
<strong>21<sup>st</sup> Session: 1943-44</strong><br>
Auditor: A. Agnew<br>
Secretary: C.M. Nevill<br>
Treasurer: W.J.L. Ryan<br>
Librarian: E.J. Medlicott<br>
<strong>20<sup>th</sup> Session: 1942-43</strong><br>
Auditor: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: M.I. Boland<br>
Treasurer: E.J. Medlicott<br>
Librarian: A. Agnew<br>
<strong>19<sup>th</sup> Session: 1941-42</strong><br>
Auditor: R.J. Monaghan (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: M.I. Boland<br>
Librarian: W.F.S. Carrick<br>
<a id="1940" name="1940"></a> <strong>18<sup>th</sup> Session:
Auditor: E.L. Stringer (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: R.J. Monaghan<br>
Treasurer: W.J.S. Carrick<br>
Librarian: M.G. Kelliher (Sch.)<br>
<strong>17<sup>th</sup> Session: 1939-40</strong><br>
Auditor: N.O. Dobbs (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: D.D. Bell -&gt; E.L. Stringer (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: E.L. Stringer (Sch.) -&gt; R.J. Monaghan<br>
Librarian: Miss B.G. Yates<br>
<strong>16<sup>th</sup> Session: 1938-39</strong><br>
Auditor: J.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: H.F. Sanahan (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: D.D. Bell<br>
Librarian: R.R. Boland<br>
<strong>15<sup>th</sup> Session: 1937-38</strong><br>
Auditor: D.P. Huddle (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.S. Treanor (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: E.F. Grant (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: Miss M.B. McNicol (Sch.)<br>
<strong>14<sup>th</sup> Session: 1936-37</strong><br>
Auditor: R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: D.P. Huddle (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: J.S. Treanor (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: J.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
<strong>13<sup>th</sup> Session: 1935-36</strong><br>
Auditor: J.A. Walmsley (Sch.) -&gt; S.A. Scott (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: S.A. Scott (Sch.) -&gt; R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: V.W. Graham (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: B. Spain (Sch.)<br>
<strong>12<sup>th</sup> Session: 1934-35</strong><br>
Auditor: T. Cowan (Sch.) -&gt; E.J.J. Furlong (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.A. Walmsley (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: R.A. Blackmore (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: H.Gough (Sch.)<br>
<strong>11<sup>th</sup> Session: 1933-34</strong><br>
<strong>10<sup>th</sup> Session: 1932-33</strong><br>
<strong>9<sup>th</sup> Session: 1931-32</strong><br>
<strong>8<sup>th</sup> Session: 1930-31</strong><br>
Auditor: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: J.D. Wisdom<br>
Treasurer: J.D. Wisdom<br>
Librarian: W.G. Van Stockum<br>
<strong>7<sup>th</sup> Session: 1929-30</strong><br>
Auditor: H.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: W.G.R. Loughery (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: E.D. Canicer<br>
<strong>6<sup>th</sup> Session: 1928-29</strong><br>
Auditor: G. Woods (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: H.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: H.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: W.G.R. Loughery<br>
<strong>5<sup>th</sup> Session: 1927-28</strong><br>
Auditor: M. Temple (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: G. Woods (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: G. Woods (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: H.G. Yates (Sch.)<br>
<strong>4<sup>th</sup> Session: 1926-27</strong><br>
Auditor: Ernest Walton<br>
Secretary: M. Temple (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: M. Temple (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: A.R. Ennis<br>
<strong>3<sup>rd</sup> Session: 1925-26</strong><br>
Auditor: J.F.G. Troughton (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: Ernest Walton<br>
Treasurer: Ernest Walton<br>
Librarian: T.S. Atkinson (Sch.)<br>
Ex-Auditor:W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)<br>
<strong>2<sup>nd</sup> Session: 1924-25</strong><br>
Auditor: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)<br>
Secretary: A.J. McConnell (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: A.J. McConnell (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: R.E.D. Brown (Sch.)<br>
Ex-Auditor:A.E. North<br>
<strong>1<sup>st</sup> Session: 1923-24</strong><br>
Auditor: A.E. North<br>
Secretary: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)<br>
Treasurer: W.C.G. Proctor (Sch.)<br>
Librarian: E.P. West<br>
<a id="1923" name="1923"></a> <strong>1923</strong><br>
Council Members: Messrs. W. Erritt (Sch.), E.T.S. Walton, A.J.